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The Royal Sun premium tanning bed line introduces a high-performance design and wrap-around form to create one of the most secure and efficient tanning solutions available today. The product of advanced engineering and forward-thinking design, Royal Sun sunbeds make optimal use of science and art to ensure an even, beautiful tan, every time.

Luxurious features include accent lighting to create a soothing backdrop and compliment your salon's decor. Innovative technology includes feather-light canopies built with our patented Adjustable Spring Lift System and our Acrylic Lift System provides quick and easy access to all lamps.

Click on the pictures above to view more or download pdf catalogs and price sheets for the Royal Sun indoor tanning salon equipment sold in US & Canada here:

2012 Royal Sun Catalog.pdf
Royal Sun Express Catalog.pdf
Royal Sun Turbo Catalog.pdf
Royal Sun UV Scan 360 High Pressure Catalog.pdf
Royal Sun Focus Stand Up Booth Catalog.pdf
2012 Royal Sun Tanning Bed Price List.pdf

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We here at American Quality Manufacturing build our commercial tanning beds in the USA with US workers. We also sell affordable, tropical, and custom tanning beds! Please visit our other web pages.

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