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Our Royal Sun sunbeds are scientifically researched and shaped in order to allow maximum ray intensity from each individual lamp.


All models built with exclusive ALS Technology (patent pending) Acrylic Lift System for quick and easy access to clean and change lamps. Our Adjustable Spring Lift System (ASLS) makes opening our canopy as light as a feather.

A powerful exhaust system allows quick elimination of heat build-up, amounting to substantial savings on room air conditioning expenses.

Standard on all Turbo models, this system is also available on some Express
and Combo models.

Features a highly precise and practical digital control unit. At the tip of your finger, you have full control of all systems including:  ventilation, timer, technical functions, etc.. Ensuring maximum security and uninterrupted comfort.

All beds use the “Cosmo Power” choke ballast system for maximum energy output. The electronics are discreetly hidden inside the bed base on easily accessible roll-out shelves for quick and easy maintenance.

Maximal room comfort with a powerful exhaust system that eliminates heat build up.
Superior output with our “Cosmo Power” choke ballast system that boosts the
effective output of every lamp.
An innovative design tucks electrical components into the base of the bed on easily
accessed roll-out drawers for great looks - and easy maintenance - Choke Ballast
System only.
Feather-light sun bed canopies built with our patented Adjustable Spring Lift
System for the greatest safety and ease-of use-available.
Quick and easy access to all lamps for cleaning and replacement with our patented
Acrylic Lift System technology.
Maximal safety with a handy digital control unit at your fingertips. Various High Pressure Facial Tanners -
1000 Hour Lamp Life, Makes changing lamps a breeze.

GO GREEN and Save 25% on energy cost with Electronic Ballast-Lowers Amperage requirements-ask for details.
Technical Functions.
...and more!

MP3 Stereo Sound System
Aroma Mist Fragrance Emitter
Additional Foot Body Fan
Multiple Color Options
T-Max Wireless (3 Phase Wiring)

Royal sun 36: 36 x 100 watts
Electrical 220 VAC, 25 Amps, 50/60 HZ
Royal sun 36/02: 36 x 100 watts, 2 x 500 W
Electrical 220 VAC, 28 Amps, 50/60 HZ
Royal sun 42: 42 x 100 watts
Electrical 220 VAC, 28 Amps, 50/60 HZ
Royal sun 42/04: 42 x 100 watts, 4 x 500 W
Electrical 220 VAC, 35 Amps, 50/60 HZ

Royal sun 36: 223.5 cm (88 in.) x 114.3 cm (45 in.)
Royal sun 42: 223.5 cm (88 in.) x 116.8 cm (46 in.)
Add 10.2 cm (4 in.) to length with body fan.

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