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Uniform UV output with new
Heraeus self-contained high-
pressure lamps
Over 75% more effective output
per watt with a high-efficiency
glass reflector design that never
develops hot spots or weak spots
Adaptive temperature
management with multiple-
speed, high-pressure body
cooling system
Active monitoring system with
upper and lower body scanners
to ensure uniform coverage and optimal comfort throughout the tanning session
(UVScan 360 model)
Exceptional low-maintenance design with an all ball bearing movement system,
intelligent architecture and no complex wiring
Easy lamp replacement with no tools required-simply clip on and plug in
Effective cooling without a complex exhaust kit
Suitable for the average 2.75 x 2.5 m (9 x 8 ft.) room
Durable construction with an all-metal structure and powder coating paint


With sufficient quantity, multiple color options are available.

Royal Sun UV Scan 360 lamps:
74 HP lamps with 37,000 watt-equivalent output using only 22,000 watts of power in 3 phase 68 amps (single phase 100 amps available on demand)

Royal Sun UV Scan 180 lamps:

44 HP lamps with 22,000 watt-equivalent output using only 13,200 watts of power in 3 phase 65 amps (single phase 60 amps available on demand)

243.8 cm (90 in.) long X 141 cm (55.5 in.) wide X 147.3 cm (57.9 in.) high.


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